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L.J. Smith

"Lisa Jane Smith realized she wanted to be a writer sometime between kindergarten and first grade. She got the idea for her first published book while baby-sitting in high school, and wrote it while attending the University of California at Santa Barbara (in between classes, of course)..." -- taken from the back of The Forbidden Game: The Hunter. L.J. Smith has written 24 books to date that can only be called a great success, judging from the large number of fans she has.She has always been fascinated by the way the ordinary world changes in the moonlight, and is firmly convinced that when she goes out at night, street lamps go off as she passes. She lives in Northern California, in a rambling house in a small town and gets some of her best ideas sitting under the stars.

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L.J. Smith
c/o Archway Books
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020



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